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“Robert Ingber, the Facilities Manager at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, worked with the EQ2 Implementation Services team to install HEMS at five (Legacy Health) hospital locations with over 1500 beds combined. EQ2 performed site visits at each location where inventory was counted to verify what equipment should be loaded into HEMS and what data was needed for each item. EQ2’s standard equipment type list and other best practices were used for both implementation and also for preventative maintenance procedures going forward.”

Read more about how HEMS was initially implemented in 2006 at Legacy Health and how it’s used today for Facilities Management here.

“Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Operation of Plant has used the EQ2 program to maintain and document all of our agency required preventive maintenance along with our daily repair requests for over 30 years.”

Craig Gammon | Facilities Compliance Coordinator, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota, FL

Read about how the team at Sarasota Memorial are using EQ2 HEMS to manage the four different services areas of the Main Hospital, Nursing Rehab, Environmental Services and Ambulatory Property Sites here.


Mike Lane

HEMS Enterprise 5.0 enables me to take equipment, work order and report data from across my 28 hospital facilities and turn it into real knowledge so that I can act quickly and efficiently.

Mike Lane, Associate Director, Instrumentation and Technical Services for the University of Vermont and the 2009 Best Practices Award winner at the AAMI Conference & Expo, uses HEMS Enterprise 5.0 to better manage the clinical equipment assets of his 28 hospital facilities.

Read his complete testimonial here.

“HEMS Enterprise greatly assists department management with its easy and intuitive interface. First, there is a management reporting section clearly visible on the left-hand side that puts key metrics at your fingertips such as the regulatory compliance report, staffing reports and technician workloads. Further, the schedule tab allows easy access to the entire PM schedule and with the visible features of the graphs; the department manager can adjust the scheduling in HEMS and refresh the report to see the effect of those program edits.

Finally, with all the reports being templates, it enhances the ability to filter the exact data that is required for decision making. Additionally, these reports can be emailed in PDF format to other leaders or regulatory agencies or exported into MS Excel for further analysis, if needed. In fact, the vice president of nursing needed a report on ventilators for the state DOH and I was able to quickly filter the data and directly email the report from HEMS to her which she printed and handed to the DOH representative within minutes.”

Rich Sable | CBET, Clinical Engineering Manager, St. Francis Medical Center, Trenton, NJ


“In summary, the HEMS medTester interface is quite impressive.This user supporting interface demonstrates that the Development Group of EQ2 knows the healthcare market thoroughly as well as the needs of all medTester users. EQ2’s Development Group has incorporated intelligence throughout this interface assuring that it provides comprehensive benefits to its users. In other words, the medTester interface is easy to use, straightforward and powerful.
Mike Gross | Product Manager, Fluke Biomedical


“Our implementation of the Smoke Fire Compartment, the Environmental Zone and the Optimized PM programs has enhanced our ability to meet JCAHO and state regulatory requirements.”

Mike Carpio | Children’s Specialized Hospital, Mountainside, NJ


When Tim Chamberlain of Sibley Memorial Hospital needed help managing work orders, he turned to HEMS Enterprise, the clinical equipment asset management tool of choice for hospitals nationwide.

Test_Tim Chamberlain

“With HEMS, work orders become less work.”

Enterprise enables Tim to increase productivity and effectively manage every work order. Web-enabled, wireless access allows users to generate, monitor, and receive reports on equipment maintenance and repair work orders from the desktop or the floor. The detailed reports package means Tim and his staff don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create their own reports—they’re fast, flexible, and easy to customize.

Patient safety and regulatory compliance depends on well-maintained medical equipment and comprehensive service activities documentation. Tim depends on HEMS Enterprise 5.0 to take care of the details, enabling him to focus on providing a safe and effective environment of care.

Read his complete testimonial here.


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