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Server Options

Flexible TabletHospitals need flexible options. HEMS is available through license on the user’s server or as a SaaS (cloud) product.



HEMS works with any RTLS system that uses open standard HL7 IHE PCD MEMLS profiles such as GuardRFID Solutions and Stanley® Healthcare (AeroScout RTLS), etc. and also integrates with proprietary RTLS interfaces (such as CenTrak Edge™).

In addition, HEMS tracks all calibration records, test equipment, and work events and associates them to test equipment. DNV requirements for certification are completely met and automated by EQ2’s test device tracking. This automates the required documentation and testing of PM. EQ2 supplies standard device libraries for use within the PM process.




EQ2’s Universal Medical Device Testing Platform (UMDTP) provides automation and interoperability (no need to recreate procedures or standards) of the major Electrical Safety Analyzer (ESA) manufacturers.

The following Electrical Safety Analyzers are on the growing list that HEMS supports:

Datrend ES 601 Plus
Datrend vPad
Fluke® medTester
Rigel 288
Fluke® Ansur:

  • Impulse 7000DP
  • ESA612
  • ESA615
  • TNT12000
  • IDA4 plus
  • Prosim 8
  • ESA620


Network Topology and Diagnosis: uses a tabular format and network diagrams for switches and routers on the network to automatically puzzle crossdisplay connected devices. HEMS can automatically detect IP addresses and MAC addresses directly from medical devices.

ePHI (electronic protected health information): informs the technician about potential of ePHI on a device directly from the pending work order dashboard, and provides them step by step instructions on how to delete protected information. This is important when sending the device to a vendor or retiring it.