Products for Facilities


EQ2 HEMS II for Facilities

  An Ever Increasing Number of Cutting-Edge Modules are Configurable to Match Each Hospital’s Needs and Budget.

HEMS Dashboards, Reporting, Compliance Management, and AEM

  HEMS helps hospitals stay in compliance through advanced tracking and reporting features that address requirements of the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies.

Making it Easy

  A complete intelligent solution that makes the processes in maintenance management easier due to a number of user-friendly features and modules.

Mobility with Web Enterprise and Web Request

  The power of mobility means that laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all be used to manage work requests and review reports from anywhere in the hospital, regardless of the platform: iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows.

Asset Management for a Smoothly Run Hospital

  Hospital equipment assets, while purchased for millions, cost many times their purchase price to maintain. With HEMS the data needed to make smart, cost-effective service, procurement, and retirement decisions is available.

Connected with Leading Applications and Platforms

  Flexible server options and the ability to connect to numerous platforms and applications.

EQ2 Best Practice for Facilities

  Enterprise wide standardized corporate policies and procedures are easier met when they are published and always available in a centralized location. HEMS Best Practice does just this.

HEMS Plant Preloaded

 A quick start to meet all your regulatory and administrative needs.

Support and Additional Services

  EQ2 is committed to customer satisfaction and support is just an email or phone call away. We also offer services to ensure a strong implementation.