EQ2 CTO Vishal Malhotra interviewed in 24×7

EQ2’s CTO, Vishal Malhotra, was recently interviewed for a story titled “What’s New in CMMS” in the publication 24×7 which focuses on “Solutions for Healthcare Technology Management”:


The first version of Vermont-based EQ2’s HEMS (Hospital Engineering Management System) CMMS application came out in 1983. The latest iteration, the cloud-based HEMS Enterprise, received its most recent upgrade earlier this year, says EQ2’s chief technology officer, Vishal Malhotra.

HEMS uses the cross-vendor and cross-tester Universal Medical Device Testing Platform (UMDTP) to enable interoperability with all major electrical safety analyzers, or ESAs, Malhotra says. “The technician is free to use any tester they want to test their devices; HEMS automatically adapts to whatever you choose to use.” The application can be run on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, and is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. – See more at: http://www.24x7mag.com/2015/08/whats-new-cmms/#sthash.0fC4ze5D.dpuf