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Suspend your Disbelief for a Moment…

Imagine uniting your service departments without sacrificing time or the functionality that comes with department specific software. Imagine absolute clarity about who needs to do what and in what priority.

Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done on an individual level. Work is completed accurately, efficiently and responsibly. Your enterprise is finally given the opportunity to thrive, instead of simply functioning.

 You will immediately appreciate how HEMS Enterprise offers everything needed to run a seamless, efficient shop. 


Because you should never have to…

  • buy a Clinical Engineering information system only to buy a separate Facilities system six months later
  • detail equipment types, locations and departments in one system, and then copy data into another system
  • learn several user interfaces, a variety of data formats, with individual scheduling algorithms

EQ2 HEMS® is enterprise wide, enterprise smart, and ready for your enterprise 24/7. No other system offers  greater initial and long term economic advantage. So why wait any longer? It’s time for a 21st century solution and standard practices.

Easily Manage Service Departments, Facilities and Technologies

In today’s world, the Capital Assets and your responsibilities for them are no longer under one roof, or even in the same city, or perhaps not within the same state. You now manage several departments in your organization, or you now work in a department that includes several facilities or you soon will be. Every one of your tasks, from creating standard types of equipment and their names, to assigning JCAHO risks caused by malfunctions or improper uses of devices, to searching for a particular component, material, or tool from among several storage systems, to designing a Best Practices Program for the uses of a wide variety of equipment and services—and you can or will be expected to carry out all of these tasks from your own office.

And best of all, if you use EQ2’s Best Practice tools, any new Service Area or Site automatically receives a published set of your organization’s practices. The new staff members will know immediately how to begin their contribution to the parent organization. Your Best Practices ensures that any new Service Department whether it be your own or contracted will succeed wherever it is located.

One System with Specialized Functionality for Each Department or Location

Team of architects people in group on construciton site check documents and business workflow

Each department in a health care organization—facility, clinical, security, information services, environmental protection, etc. —views its own responsibilities as being specific to the services it provides.

To achieve this intra- and inter-organization exchange and processing of information, EQ2 provides a toolbox of easily implemented solutions for each site and every department in any health care organization. These sites include:

  • Equipment Service Departments that share HEMS Best Practices and employ Standardized Lists of equipment and services.
  • Various kinds of Service Departments that need to share certain lists such as those describing departments and locations.

Easier On-Boarding with Automated Information Tools

workspaceThe HEMS information tools scale themselves to your enterprise’s size and complexity. When you need to add a Service Department or set up a new Site, such as the addition of a new hospital or out-patient clinic, HEMS is designed to seamlessly answer the call.

In only a short time, HEMS will be ready for the new department or site to begin its work. With HEMS in control there is no lengthy implementation schedule, no complicated Information System requirement, no complex licensing issue—only a rapid and accurate extension of your HEMS Enterprise system into the new facility.

Quickly Review & Approve Tasks, Transactions, Workload & Equipment

A single-click on EQ2’s user interface allows you to review your department’s work load, look at your Preventative Maintenance schedule, identify equipment or supplies that require replacement, and even approve or deny changes to your Standard Lists of equipment by types, manufacturer or model. Moreover, EQ2’s tools maintain a log of these and all other transactions, not only to ensure compliance with a set of predetermined standards, but also to ensure the safety achieved by an automatic backup of all information.

Many other vendors of equipment information systems talk about so called best practices, but EQ2 makes it easy for you to publish your best practices and standardized lists. Whether you represent a single department, or are responsible for a hundred service departments that might be located in many zip codes, it is comforting to know that EQ2’s Best Practices is not only published, but also monitor your organization’s compliance throughout all of your service areas.

Customized, Real-Time, Responsive Dashboards for Each Professional

facilities engineerImmediately assign orders, review task updates, send/receive completion notifications and track progress, on any device. Each service professional in your organization may access their Web-enabled Technicians Dashboard to manage:

  • work for which he or she is responsible
  • The work assignments that are pending
  • The orders to install or move new equipment
  • The opening, closing and updating of work orders
  • The review of all relevant reports

Delegate & Customize Departmental Notifications

For example, you may want to share parts with all members of your organization located in several sites. Finding the location of particular parts is a simple task for the HEMS Web Enterprise. With Web Enterprise, you can easily transfer parts from one department to another from your desktop or mobile device. Do you wish to locate needed parts within several areas? Then simply request that they be transferred to your department, and let HEMS Enterprise decrement or increment the appropriate entries in the individual parts inventories. These transfers are instantaneously updated so other requests for parts or tools are immediately satisfied.

Call Tools into Action from any Digital Device

EQ2 brings easy-to-use, 24/7 solution tools to your entire organization. Whether you call the tools into action from a desktop computer, the Web, or mobile device, you will find that each tool automatically coordinates all aspects of your plan for managing equipment.

Ensure Accountability with Graphic Reporting & Quality Assurance (QA)

Improved, Automated Quality Assurance

Of course, you know you are carrying out the work accurately and according to the approved schedule, but can you be sure your customers are being satisfied with the quality and quantity your department is providing?

You could divert a member of your staff from critical work by asking him or her to telephone each customer with questions about the quality of the services. Perhaps you remember incidents in which a day was wasted with ten or fifteen voicemails to a non-responding customer. But when your organization uses HEMS Enterprise and Web Enterprise there is no wasted time. With these tools, each service request is tracked from its beginning to completion.

smartphone2And with EQ2’s Management Dashboard each team can review the performance of a particular service department, or they may access information about performances across several (enterprise-wide) service departments. One-click provides access to graphical reports depicting:

  • Work Order completion rates for individuals and departments
  • Weekly or Monthly Preventative Maintenance work schedules
  • Completion Rates of Preventative Maintenance work orders
  • Service hours and costs by both single and aggregated departments
  • Equipment replacement details and schedules

Get Immediate Feedback

When a work request is closed, HEMS Enterprise automatically sends out a notification to the person who requested the service. The notification is delivered in a survey form that asks the requester to briefly discuss their satisfaction with the completed work and service, which can include posted comments. The immediate feedback from the customer can confirm satisfactory performance or help to improve the quality and efficiency of the Equipment Department’s operation. And to give administrators an overall picture, HEMS Enterprise automatically collates and generates summaries of each survey so you and your staff can evaluate both individual and departmental performances. Obviously this feature can help the department and its parent organization save time, money, and problems stemming from everything including delivery, training, inventory, turn-around times, communication, etc.

No more reams of paper reports or countless digital files and endless meetings attempting to review performances.

Simplify Maintenance and Compliance

Automated, Timely Notifications of Service Updates

Let’s look at an example. The person asking for service is notified whenever a request for work has been assigned and when parts have been added to an order, regardless of that work order’s status. This automatic notification means no more wondering about the status of their request; EQ2’s products automatically keep your customers informed.

Automate Scheduling for Preventative Equipment Maintenance

bigstock-Conference-Room-Interior-D-7439433With one click in Best Practices, EQ2’s automated assistants are working 24/7 to keep your management plan on its schedule. Each piece of equipment, along with its associated Risk and Preventative Maintenance procedures, are scheduled automatically. This scheduling is based on the equipment’s type or model. You and your staff members no longer need to recall just how you had scheduled a particular piece of equipment or the procedure that was required for the work.

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