ASHE Region 10 Northwest Networking Conference & Technical Exhibition Hosted by WSSHE

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS Solutions for Healthcare Facilities at the ASHE Region 10 Northwest Networking Conference & Technical Exhibition hosted by WSSHE October 17 – 20, 2017 in Spokane, WA

Come see us at the booth during the vendor expo Wednesday, October 18, 8 AM – 5 PM and Thursday, October 19, 8 AM – 2:30 PM at this ASHE Region 10 event and let us show you how our hospital clients use the 
HEMS II CMMS for their “Support Services”, including:


COMPLIANCE: Is Your Facility Prepared for the Latest Regulatory Compliance Requirements?
EQ2’s HEMS® CMMS helps hospitals stay in compliance through advanced tracking and reporting features that address the Environment of Care, Fire Protection, and Critical Utilities (both Life Support and Infection Control) and their respective Elements of Performance as set by the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies. With HEMS II, Facilities Management can:

  • Document and demonstrate compliance through automation, making processes and reporting easier and more effective
  • Track in real-time the status for specific Elements of Performance
  • Manage Equipment Lifecycle


HEMS II is also used for:

FACILITY STRUCTURE: all up to-date drawings and plans available for change reviews and project planning

PLANT AND EQUIPMENT: descriptive capital equipment records kept current for updates, maintenance, failure and repair history, open work orders and replacement planning metrics

EOC ROUNDS: plan, schedule and record for all environment of care activities


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: manage your projects, resources, timelines, and estimated hours vs. actual hours

CALL ESCALATION: powerful escalation engine that can be configured per your policies; for example to automatically escalate incomplete or overdue work orders and open requests for service

SECURITY: manage visitor and contract worker visits to track who, when, how long and where

MOVE MANAGEMENT: schedule, track, and keep records of transport activities for patients and specimens

FOOD SERVICE: receive, prepare, schedule and track patient food service requests

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: track inventory, schedule deliveries, and maintain database of usage for linens and towels


Wherever you have work activity to manage, metrics to collect for customer service, workload and personnel management


The ASHE Region 10 event will be held at:

Spokane Convention Center
Spokane, WA

See the ASHE Region 10 event website for more details:

“The “Lower 48” chapters are pledging their support and promoting this as their “annual” for the year.  Over 350-attendees and over 120-exhibitors are expected. The Conference will be a great way to make new friends and build your professional network.”