Asset Tags and PM Inspection Tags

Printing and Using Asset Tags and PM Inspection Tags With Ease


The Challenge

You are busy….so being able to quickly identify a specific unique item anywhere in the hospital and review its entire work order history, including service and maintenance records and then update with work just performed – makes your life so much easier.

The Solution

Barcode labeling with asset tags allows each item to have its own unique control number meaning that it also has a unique item record in your CMMS.  Fastmark printers empower the user to be able to print Asset Tags and PM Inspection Tags without the need to use label generation software or preprinted labels, providing ultimate flexibility in on-demand label printing. Fastmark printers are equipped with PAL® – an advanced programming language that effortlessly communicates with countless types of data streams in hospitals.

  • Print one-off labels or batches
  • Use a simple CSV file of any number and types of assets and the PAL program in the printer distinguishes which ones to print at the click of a button
  • Use your own custom numbering system or have PAL auto-create control or asset identification numbers for you
  • Print barcodes and text like hospital and item names
  • Reprints
  • Thermal transfer printing that lasts

Thermal Transfer printing is the way to go because unlike other methods, labels printed using the Thermal Transfer technology last several years. This means that you can have peace of mind that all of your assets – from the most basic medical device up to the most expensive piece of equipment will always be properly labeled.





Many Printer Options to Choose From

The Fastmark M1 thermal transfer printer comes in a compact, desktop size that directly produces thermal prints.

Or if mobility is needed, our mobile printer lineup of the Fastmark PT-2, M3, and M4 represent lightweight options with rechargeable batteries so that they can be used on the go and anywhere. Using a special ribbon inside a roll of labels, this self-contained solution gives you the kind of durable thermal transfer prints that would normally require a larger printer.





Fastmark PAL Equipped Printers are a Standalone Solution; However if you Pair Them with the HEMS CMMS……
  • Asset tags print directly from an item record in HEMS
  • The user can scan the barcode using HEMS and/or HEMS Web Enterprise and see the requested information or the steps of the PM Procedure that need to be performed on the device or piece of equipment
  • Once the item has been serviced or maintained, the item’s records can be updated with specific details of the work just completed on it.
  • HEMS also provides an interface to print PM inspection tags, which are then attached to the device after the inspection is completed.
  • Print on-the-go using the HEMS mobile app and a small, lightweight printer with rechargeable battery


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