Baxter Regional Medical Center Case Study

Up and Running on The Essentials


The Need

Baxter Regional Medical Center is a 268-bed short-term acute care facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas.*

The Biomed team had recently switched to a new CMMS vendor. However a good portion of their data did not migrate, so the team was forced to refer to their old system while trying to also use the new system. Needless to say, this caused a lot of headaches.

Additionally, neither system provided the kind of compliance reporting they needed and lacked reliable mobile capability. So all of this added up to the team deciding to find a  CMMS solution that would work for them. And it had to happen quickly since the contract with the first CMMS would soon end.



The Decision

The timing was good as EQ2 had developed a CMMS package designed to meet the needs and budgets of smaller hospitals. This includes six key modules that most hospitals will need for their CMMS requirements.

With this package Baxter could address all the basics like asset management and work orders, while also getting advanced reporting for compliance, contract management, and a mobile application that lets Biomed technicians access and update their work requests anywhere, even when disconnected from the network. All of this with a comfortable budget fit.



Though the package of modules seemed to fit Baxter’s needs, the Biomed team had to be sure the data migration and implementation would go smoothly. They couldn’t continue to access two separate databases. They had to bring the historical data into HEMS, organized in an optimal way for use in their compliance reports and for  day-to-day work.

With EQ2’s expert healthcare experience (28+ years serving only hospital customers) the data conversion and implementation went smoothly. Equipment inventory, PM procedures and history were all now in one place – and accurate.

The entire implementation process was completed before the contract with the other vendor ended. With options to spread  the implementation costs over time, and the low monthly fee for their new CMMS system, the project  is within budget.


So How Has it Gone So Far Using HEMS Essentials?

“Our Biomed team at Baxter Regional Medical Center has been very pleased with the HEMS Essentials package. The product, data migration, and support has been exceptional. Our productivity has increased substantially since we began using the HEMS product just a few months ago.”

– Dan Campbell, CBET and Supervisor, Biomed


Essential Modules

The following six modules make up the package of modules essential for most hospitals:

  • HEMS Enterprise – The core module of the HEMS asset management platform: helps users manage assets, preventive maintenance requirements, work order processes, contracts, parts inventory, equipment risk assessments, utilities, and document uploads. HEMS Enterprise embeds hundreds of “off the shelf” reports, Environment of Care (EOC)/Regulatory reporting, and in-built intelligent processes and reporting features as required by the CMS, Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies for regulatory compliance).
  • Web Request – Work request engine for anyone in the hospital to use.
  • Web Enterprise – Countless features and can be used on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • HEMS Remote – Mobile app that works in either online or offline mode so users can use it to complete work even when not connected to the network.
  • Contract Module – Contract performance analysis.
  • Import Wizard – batch update devices and auto assigns their details.


Your (Small) Hospital

Even your small hospital can now afford a strong healthcare specific CMMS. Let us show you what HEMS can do for you.

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