Baylor Scott and White Medical Center-McKinney HTM Team Named TechNation Magazine’s Department of the Month

Congratulations to our Friends at BSW!

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“The HTM team at BSW McKinney is known around campus as highly competent and reliable. Not only are they quick to respond and identify solutions; they do it with excellent customer service,” says Kimberly Bones, MBA, vice president of finance at McKinney.

“The team has developed strong relationships across the hospital and continues to identify opportunities to provide helpful education to departments that not only results in better care of our equipment, but cost avoidance for unnecessary repairs,” Bones says.

The health system’s transition to the EQ2 HEMS CMMS was mentioned in the story too:

“We also intergraded our PO (purchase order) system into EQ2/HEMS. Now when we need parts or service for a unit, we can open a PO from the work order instead of having to go through our purchasing site. This has helped us track costs since the PO is tied to the work order. We have added inventory so that every tech can keep up with their on-hand parts. With the PO integration, parts can be consumed accurately thus providing a more complete cost of service,” Lauer says.