EQ2 Co-presenting with Both Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center at MD Expo Irvine 2020

We are honored to be co-presenting with two such prominent healthcare systems. If you will be at the event, we invite you to come to these sessions.

Update: this event was cancelled due to the pandemic and the sessions were recorded and now available for viewing on-demand for free.


Los Angeles County Case Study on Enterprise Solutions for Managing Assets

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services successfully completed a large-scale project to transform its biomed, facilities, IT and supply chain operations to achieve robust efficiencies using data and an improved workflow at its six hospitals. This required integrated implementations of best practices, benchmarking, data standardization and new technologies including a new CMMS.

David Chambers, CBET, Director, Facilities Management, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Rich Sable, CBET, Product Manager, EQ2, LLC


Interdepartment Information Visibility and Life Cycle Management Decisions

The HTM team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center has uncovered new ways to improve efficiencies and communication while reducing costs through complete data and information visibility. Using advanced reporting and dashboards with data optimized at the individual hospital department level within the CMMS, numerous synergies are realized. Communication between departments is enhanced and support of HTM both for, and from, those departments becomes the norm rather than the exception. Data integrity and value toward life cycle management decisions is achieved through providing visibility to all sides. This empowers clinicians and department managers to help reduce total cost of ownership by reducing the cost of service ratio (COSR). With complete visibility into individual assets within each individual department, clinicians, department managers and HTM are all on the same page and pursuing the same goals for each asset’s management.

Jon Kocurek, Clinical Engineering Director, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
Vishal Malhotra, Chief Technology Officer, EQ2 LLC