EQ2 Company Profile in 24×7 Magazine

As EQ2 continues to celebrate “25 Years Dedicated Entirely to Healthcare”, our company visited with 24×7 Magazine to discuss where we’ve been and where we’re going






Here’s a small excerpt from the EQ2 Company Profile:

In an industry where companies often come and go, it’s noteworthy to find one with staying power. Suffice it to say that EQ2—a Charlotte, N.C.-based provider of CMMS software and service solutions for the healthcare sector—fits into this category. Below, six members of EQ2’s executive team—Marketing and Communications Manager David Lawless, Chief Technology Officer Vishal Malhotra, Software Architect Navneet Agarwal, Director of Sales Kim Stovall, Product Manager Rich Sable, and CEO Joe Eichberger—discuss what led to the company’s creation 25 years ago and why the future of EQ2 looks brighter than ever.

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