EQ2, LLC Announces Several New Features and Enhancements with the Release of Version 7 of its HEMS CMMS for Hospitals

June 6, 2017

EQ2, LLC Announces Several New Features and Enhancements with the Release of Version 7 of its HEMS CMMS for Hospitals

Now Known as “HEMS II”, the Software and its Increasing Number of Cutting-Edge Modules are Configurable to Match Each Hospital’s Needs and Budget

PDF: EQ2 HEMS II New Product Announcement 6.6.17

Charlotte, NCEQ2, LLC has released Version 7 of its robust HEMS CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) that addresses emerging needs in the hospital Biomedical/Clinical Engineering, Facilities/Support Services, and Imaging departments. With the new modules, updates to existing modules as well as to the core product and dashboards, an updated name was needed. So, the new CMMS release will now be known as “HEMS II” which will be on display June 10 – 12, 2017 at booth #739 during the AAMI 2017 Conference and Expo in Austin, TX.

HEMS is known as an easy to use product with several automated processes in the background (limiting the amount of manual entries required by the user). HEMS II now provides a host of enhancements to make the interface even more intuitive and address timely needs:

AEM (Alternative Equipment Maintenance):
a fully automated dashboard based on the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission standards distinguishes between which devices need to be maintained and scheduled according to manufacturer recommendations and those that can be on an AEM program instead.

Dashboards: redesigned to capture more information with more color and graphics for easier viewing of trends and anomalies. A strong focus is given to tracking compliance to requirements of regulatory bodies such as The Joint Commission.

Fluke® Ansur: now supported along with other products from Fluke and from Rigel Medical and Datrend Systems Inc.

ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information): informs the technician about potential of ePHI on a device directly from the pending work order dashboard, and provides them step by step instructions on how to delete protected information. This is important when sending the device to a vendor or retiring it.

Network Topology and Diagnosis: uses a tabular format and network diagrams for switches and routers on the network to automatically display connected devices.

Device and Equipment Labeling: labelling for asset tags with control numbers and also for PM inspection tags is available using Fastmark® Smart Printers by AMT Datasouth that communicate directly with HEMS II to help Technicians stay on top of equipment maintenance activities.

All of the HEMS II features are priced modularly and to scale so a configuration can be made to match a hospital’s needs and budget, regardless of size. HEMS II is also available through license on the user’s server or as a SaaS product.

HEMS was developed at the University of Vermont in 1983 as a collaborative effort of the University of Vermont, ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineering), and the Kellogg Foundation. In 1993, EQ2 was created in Burlington, VT to commercialize HEMS and all of its associated products. In 2013, EQ2 was acquired by AMT Datasouth – which serves several market sectors including healthcare. See www.eq2llc.com for more info.

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