EQ2 Part of Story on CMMS for Healthcare Facilities in Health Facilities Management Magazine

EQ2 Product Manager Rich Sable was quoted on multiple topics in a comprehensive story on CMMS for Healthcare Facilities that appeared in the July issue of Health Facilities Management magazine.


The story covered a number of considerations of effectively choosing and using CMMS for Healthcare Facilities, including:


  • Functionality requirements
  • Mobile devices
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Innovations
  • Cybersecurity


Here’s a small excerpt from the story:

“The opportunities for integrations among different technologies have increased rapidly,” Sable adds. “For example, we have numerous integrations that allow different applications to be accessed through our CMMS. Our hospital equipment management system (HEMS) has built-in intelligence that makes capital budget planning and maintaining regulatory compliance easier. Also, connecting to technology through the cloud is now common.”


Read more from the digital version of the story: CMMS Software Goes Beyond Record Keeping