EQ2 Product Manager Joins the 24×7 Roundtable on CMMS

The February issue of 24×7 Magazine includes a roundtable discussion on “what hospitals should look for when purchasing a CMMS and how this technology is changing the game for HTM departments.”


EQ2 HEMS Product Manager Rich Sable joined other experts in the field to talk about everything current and future happening with CMMS in healthcare.


Here’s a small excerpt from the 24×7 Roundtable on CMMS:

Sable: To help hospitals with limited IT resources, EQ2 uses a technical project manager to work with the IT department and a business project manager to work with the HTM department. And for high-quality data conversion and configuration, we use advanced algorithms to extract information from customers’ existing CMMS or accounting system, which makes for robust dashboard reporting after the implementation is complete.

Read more from the digital version of the 24×7 Roundtable on CMMS story: Expert Roundtable: What You Need to Know Before Investing in a CMMS


One of the other respondents was Matt Baretich, PE, PhD who, along with Ted Cohen, MS, FACCE, authored Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Healthcare Technology Management, 3rd Edition. Published by AAMI, this 2017 book includes examples from EQ2’s HEMS CMMS.