Interoperability and IHE Connectathon Events

As Demonstrated at both the 2015 and 2016 Connectathons, Interoperability with Numerous Smart Medical Devices Proves to be Seamless Using EQ2’s HEMS CMMS


EQ2 is focused on evolving our HEMS CMMS to both use, and interconnect with, the latest technologies available to provide user friendly interfaces to help both technicians and clinicians to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. One of the key strengths of HEMS is its ability to connect to numerous systems and smart medical devices through “interoperability.”

In both 2015 and 2016, EQ2 demonstrated this interoperability during real-time integration testing at the IHE (Integrating The Healthcare Enterprise) Connectathon. In both years, EQ2’s HEMS was the only CMMS vendor to achieve tested IHE PCD interoperability at the Connectathon.

According to EQ2 Chief Technology Officer Vishal Malhotra, “Smart medical devices throughout hospitals are now able to communicate directly with HEMS. Utilizing MEMDMC (Medical Equipment Management Device Management Communication) and providing information such as whether the device is in use, network information such as IP address, MAC address, software revision, etc. hospitals are able to achieve better utilization of their medical devices while assuring their safety in real time. HEMS also integrates with the MEMLS (Medical Equipment Management Location Services) profile so that a device’s location is known at all times.”

The IHE Connectathon event stages and tests the interoperability of health IT systems for conformance to IHE Profiles (workflows) between products from medical equipment vendors, integrators, software providers and public health vendors. Tests are monitored by neutral IHE observers provided by AAMI, ACCE, NIST and others. The goal is to increase the effectiveness, safety and positive patient outcomes while lowering the cost of healthcare. All results are published for public review in the IHE Connectathon Results Database. See for details.

Over the course of the past two Connectathons, HEMS has achieved tested IHE PCD interoperability with several medical equipment vendors like:

  • B Braun Medical
  • Baxter
  • CapsuleTech
  • CareFusion (BD)
  • Cerner
  • CPC
  • Draeger
  • GE Medical
  • GuardRFID
  • Hospira
  • Iatric Systems
  • Ivenix
  • Masimo
  • NantHealth
  • Philips
  • Qvera
  • SD Biosensor
  • Smiths Medical
  • Spok


Learn more about EQ2’s performance at the 2016 IHE Connectathon

Learn more about our performance at the 2015 IHE Connectathon





For more information on interoperability and the HEMS CMMS please contact EQ2 at 888-312-HEMS (4367).