Connected with Leading Applications and Platforms


Server Options

Hospitals need flexible options. HEMS is available through license on the user’s server or as a SaaS (cloud) product.


Interfaces and Integrations

HEMS supports numerous interfaces and integrations. If your hospital has technology that you want to have your CMMS connect to, we provide several solutions to help you achieve this, allowing you to streamline your processes.

What follows is a sampling of some interfaces with HEMS, though there are many others.

Note: to use a module that connects to 3rd party technology such as those listed in this document, the hospital must be a subscriber to the 3rd party technology.


  • Asimily
  • AutoDesk
  • CAFM
  • Cherwell
  • eCAPS
  • ECRI Institute Alerts and Recalls
  • Electrical Safety Analyzers – such as Datrend, Fluke, and Rigel
  • Glassbeam
  • Ivalua
  • LabVantage
  • Lawson
  • Medigate
  • oneSOURCE
  • Ordr
  • PartsSource
  • Peoplesoft
  • RTLS – such as Stanley AeroScout and MobileView, Cetani, and GuardRFID
  • ServiceNow
  • Single Sign-On – some current examples that EQ2 supports include: OpenID Connect (OIDC) (including Azure AD, CyberArk), ADFS with WS-Fed (including SecureAuth, Windows ADFS); and SAML 2.0 (CyberArk, Shibboleth).
  • And More!


Network Topology and Diagnosis: uses a tabular format and network diagrams for switches and routers on the network to automatically puzzle crossdisplay connected devices. HEMS can automatically detect IP addresses and MAC addresses directly from medical devices.

ePHI (electronic protected health information): informs the technician about potential of ePHI on a device directly from the pending work order dashboard, and provides them step by step instructions on how to delete protected information. This is important when sending the device to a vendor or retiring it.



EQ2 is focused on evolving our HEMS CMMS to both use, and interconnect with, the latest technologies available to provide user friendly interfaces to help both technicians and clinicians to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. One of the key strengths of HEMS is its ability to connect to numerous systems and smart medical devices through “interoperability.”

HEMS has achieved tested IHE PCD interoperability at the IHE Connectathon with several medical equipment vendors like:

  • B Braun Medical
  • Baxter
  • CapsuleTech
  • CareFusion (BD)
  • Cerner
  • CPC
  • Draeger
  • GE Medical
  • GuardRFID
  • Hospira
  • Iatric Systems
  • Ivenix
  • Masimo
  • NantHealth
  • Philips
  • Qvera
  • SD Biosensor
  • Smiths Medical
  • Spok


Learn more about how EQ2 is the only hospital CMMS vendor to successfully connect to, and test with, smart products from several medical equipment vendors by checking out our IHE Connectathon page.



Here are just a few of the steps that we take to ensure security:

• We test our infrastructure regularly for vulnerabilities

• Our cloud environment provides a very secure infrastructure that includes security provided by Microsoft Azure

• Data is Encrypted

• Our products and their environments undergo regular security testing, including by acclaimed third party testing organizations