EQ2 HEMS One Overview



Born in a hospital in 1983, we’re no rookie. Our latest version of HEMS software captures that experience plus the nimbleness needed to meet evolving maintenance challenges.


Next Generation HEMS Products

AutoDesk App: Access your AutoCAD® / Revit® drawing files within HEMS
  • This allows a tech to locate an asset controlled by its facility or infrastructure engineering department
  • Calculate square feet, inches, meters, etc. easily
  • Other drawing files types can be stored as well


HEMS One Streamlines Workflow
  • The latest generation of HEMS One connects the functionality of several different applications to empower the user to complete work, analysis, and planning in less time and with greater ease
  • Provides an enhanced user experience
  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed during implementation
  • Close a work order with as few as three clicks
  • Upload equipment easily with just a couple of clicks
  • Create or edit your own PM Procedures
  • Manage Equipment/Loaner Pool and Supply Processing & Distribution Equipment
  • Fast processing times
  • Dashboard view gives the user important metrics for both work orders and inventory along with hyper-links to drill-down on the data
  • Convenient quick links to frequently used reports, the full array of HEMS reports, and the ability to create your own reports
  • Advanced search
  • Search using just a few letters with auto-complete suggestions
  • Search and replace multiple data fields at once with impact preview
  • Requires no third party platform, yet integrates with numerous other applications
  • Reporting: hundreds of reports included plus EQ2 can provide custom reports plus you can create your own
  • Fully automatic Dispatch Board that can be configured to meet your hospital’s assignment policies for multi-level escalation based on response time, location, type of problem, shift hours, etc. Location can be as precise as room, floor, building, campus, city level, etc.
  • Quickly identify equipment with ePHI and the proper steps to protect
  • Fast access to contract information
  • Easy to use interface: straightforward menus and spell check for data entry
  • Assign work orders to all units of a specific model number in just two clicks
  • Enhanced tools for AEM, and all forms of compliance
  • Well organized implementations delivered on time
  • Fast system performance
  • Numerous integrations, including with the top cybersecurity applications
  • US based support
  • 30 years of innovation focused completely on healthcare





Project Management 
  • An optional add-on to HEMS One, this has many features often requested by clients.
  • The manager can create the project and associated task work orders within the module and assign each task work order to a worker or team of workers, and the work order(s) will appear on their work order dashboard.
  • Labor and parts costs can be tracked for each project.




The Ultramodern HEMS® Exceeds Typical CMMS Limitations and Can Help Transform A Hospital Team’s Ability To Improve Everything They Touch!

  • First of its Kind Call Center/Dispatch Board with automatic multi-level escalation based on time elapsed, location, problem, shift, etc.
  • Compliance and AEM guided directly by regulatory standards
  • Easy Visibility into Recalls and Network Security Risks
  • The power of analytics in the user’s hands
  • Advanced filtering and display of information on demand – empowering the user to prioritize and get right to work
  • On-demand PM creation
  • Bulk work order creation with two clicks
  • Mobile app allows the user to access the power of HEMS even when disconnected
  • Link by location to Environmental Zones
  • Transparency of Service Areas – detailed information from any service area on one screen based on access rights
  • Numerous Integrations with leading applications and platforms including  ECRI, oneSOURCE, Peoplesoft, Lawson, ServiceNow, Glassbeam, RTLS systems and Electrical Safety Analyzers (ESA’s) like Fluke, Datrend, Rigel, and others.


Interfaces and Integrations

HEMS has numerous integrations with leading applications and platforms including  ECRI, oneSOURCE, Peoplesoft, Lawson, ServiceNow, Glassbeam, RTLS systems, Ordr, Medigate, Asimily, and Electrical Safety Analyzers (ESA’s) like Fluke, Datrend, Rigel, and others. See more on our integrations and interfaces page.


An Advanced CMMS for Biomed/Clinical Engineering, Imaging, and Facilities/Support Services

Whether it’s managing the latest regulatory compliance requirement, effectively executing an Hospital 1AEM program, or more effectively managing cost of service for equipment, hospitals rely on the HEMS CMMS to efficiently administer their maintenance and related activities.

HEMS is customizable and modular so that any department can initially deploy the software and later others can come on later. HEMS features are priced modularly and to scale, so a configuration can be made to match a hospital’s needs and budget, regardless of size.


Regulatory Compliance

HEMS helps hospitals stay in compliance through advanced tracking and reporting features that address requirements of the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies.

AEM: Fully Automated Alternative Equipment Maintenance Dashboard

EOC: Environment of Care requirements tracking and reporting

ECRI: Alerts and Recalls Module

Reports: Hundreds of reports are available “off the shelf” and a custom report tool is available

Dashboards: formats are unique for each of Leadership, Clinical Staff, and Technicians with relevant, actionable information


Support and Additional Services

A robust technology product can be challenging to use in an effective way unless you have intuitive interfaces and strong customer support. Additional services can truly make the difference between a good hospital maintenance management program vs. an excellent one.

US – based, web, phone, and onsite training and support

Implementation Services: inspection programs, physical surveys, and conversion of existing inventory and PM procedures/schedules

Device and Equipment Labeling: asset tags with control numbers and PM inspection tags can be printed on demand


Easy to Use

HEMS has been praised by Leadership, Clinicians, and Technicians for its ease of use. Due to intuitive interfaces and advanced automation, Hospital Counterwork can be completed and reports built with a few clicks.

One of many other ways that using HEMS makes the process easier for users is with “Single Sign On” through options like ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).

With ADFS, users do not need to login separately to HEMS or its many modules and dashboards when already logged into other programs and applications from the hospital. Once a user is in – they’re in.



The power of mobility means that laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all be used to manage work requests from anywhere in the hospital, regardless of the platform: iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows.


Asset Management and a Smoothly Run Hospital

enterprise wide standardized corporate policies and procedures are always accessible

Call Escalation: work orders for preventative and corrective maintenance are automatically prioritized based on urgency

Dashboards: Capital Equipment Forecasting and Replacement Analysis and Cost of Service Ratio

Stock Management: consistent stock levels are maintained through a comprehensive module puzzle cross

Contract Management: analysis for ROI of device contracts


Flexible and Connected

Server Options:
in-house server or cloud/SaaS are both available

Connected Hardware and Device Info: network diagrams, switches, routers, and ePHI (electronic protected health information)



Here are just a few of the steps that we take to ensure security:

• We test our infrastructure regularly for vulnerabilities

• Our cloud environment provides a very secure infrastructure that includes security provided by Microsoft Azure

• Data is Encrypted

• Our products and their environments undergo regular security testing, including by acclaimed third party testing organizations and have always successfully passed all tests conducted



Specific Service Areas

Learn more about modules, reports, dashboards, and other capabilities specifically designed for a few of the many service areas that HEMS supports:

Biomed and Clinical Engineering

Imaging (Radiology)

Facilities and Support Services (IT, EVS, and More)


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