EQ2 Best Practice for Facilities


For Biomed/Clinical Engineering this includes:

  • Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System (UMDNS)
  • AHA’s Estimated Useful Life n PM Procedure
  • AEM
  • Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) n Unique Device Identification (UDI)
  • Medical Equipment Management Program (MEMP)

For Facilities it is the standard:

  • ASHE type list
  • AHA’s Estimated Useful Life
  • PM Procedure
  • EOC rounds procedure


The challenges of maintaining inventory become more complicated as an organization grows. Standardizing inventory inputs can be very valuable — which becomes immediately clear the first time someone spends a few hours figuring out if inventory line items “Air Handler”, “AHU” and “Air Handler Room 5” are all the same type of equipment

This non-productive task, along with the assessment of risk and scheduling preventative maintenance can become even more convoluted when attempting to manage multiple facilities. Fortunately, EQ2 Best Practices can avoid trouble by integrating inventory details with maintenance information. As an added benefit, risk value is checked to determine the minimum interval for Preventative Maintenance scheduling.


This is achieved in HEMS Enterprise using standardized information lists, which make consistency a feature of the program.

Facilities Standardized Information List Example

Each of the lists contain everything needed to comply with all regulations; utility management, fire and life safety management, EOC inspections and the procedures needed to provide a successful preventative maintenance program.

Whether your facility is 25 beds or 600 beds or you are a healthcare system with many hospitals, EQ2’s standard lists are maintained through the security and authorization sections of the HEMS program.

  • Maintain consistent and thorough equipment inventory records, including maintenance and risk
  • Establish and Standardize Best Practice principles for your organization’s entire inventory
  • Simplify Protocols and Ensure that all facilities are using established Best Practice procedures
  • Anticipate required compliance and preventative maintenance schedules
  • Access your inventory library from anywhere, for easy transfers and maintenance scheduling

How It Works

Western States Best Practices for Facilities

With EQ2 Best Practice, compliance is assured. Using industry standard questions and values, each equipment type or model is provided with a risk value. Your subscription to our Best Practice Service Area, EQ2 Best Practice will:

  • Standardize inventory inputs for quick and easy growth
  • Review and track new additions by equipment type, manufacturers, and any other details you elect
  • Ensure required fields are entered before equipment is approved for inclusion in the individual hospital’s active inventory
  • Standardize equipment inventory and their relationship to risk.

Best Practice Automates Maintenance

You will no longer need to guess or search through paperwork or vendor’s websites because EQ2 Best Practice sets up your schedule automatically, identifies and assigns each procedure, and to what minimum interval should be assigned. Furthermore, the Best Practices system automatically notifies you of upcoming maintenance so that you are always “in the know.”

EQLibrary gives you access anytime, anywhere.

Get EQ2 Best Practice and achieve an EQLibrary (equipment electronic library) for equipment model and type based on information (circuit drawings, technical manuals, training videos) entered only once in Best Practice. Your hospitals will have access to the EQLibrary anywhere—anytime.


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