Mobility with Web Enterprise and Web Request


The power of mobility means that laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all be used to manage work requests and review reports from anywhere in the hospital, regardless of the platform: iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows.


Web Enterprise provides Technicians an interface for updating and creating work orders from anywhere with web-connected devices (e.g. desktops, laptops, or tablets) that use Windows, IOS, or Android operating systems. They can also add new devices and run reports with this interface.

Web Enterprise increases productivity by allowing technicians to interact with the system immediately when needed.

Web Request

In today’s environment of care, work requests arrive from many different sources, which can make

Biomed Example
Biomed Example

tracking these requests difficult and accountability problematic.  Each hospital, physician office, enterprise and surgery center has its own method of tracking, which adds another issue into the mission of keeping requests prioritized and managed.

Web Request enables submission of work requests directly to the HEMS Enterprise system using the Internet/Intranet from anyone (including clinicians and nurses) and auto-assigns the requests using a customizable assignment engine.

Applicable files or photographs of the equipment can be attached to the request. Requests are auto-assigned and requesters get notifications of updates including completion. Technicians from anywhere on the Internet/Intranet then review pending work, close their work orders, specify labor, parts and action taken.

Complete automatic notification of new work request status updates and completion are automatically sent to the requester and department head of requester. A quality survey is also automatically sent via e-mail to requesters after the work order is closed and then summarized into a graphical report of quality outcomes. The Clinical Engineering (or Facilities, Radiology, etc.) manager can be notified instantaneously for a negative response.

With EQ2 Web Request, every request is “entered into the system” from anywhere, so you can:

  • Easily track requests, respond to inquires and immediately notify of completion
  • Retain contact information, in case the scope of the request changes
  • Always directly speak to, or notify the appropriate contact person
  • Save time in managing multiple inputs and departmental liaisons

Call Escalation

For Preventative and Corrective Maintenance, work orders are colored-coded based on priority to make it easy to see at a glance which ones are the most urgent. It is much easier to meet service level agreements when a tool automatically prioritizes work requests based on urgency and available trade and department staff. The Call Escalation module ensures that staff are always ready to meet even the most pressing and unique challenges within the proper response time and the assignment engine even factors in vacations and leaves.

How it Works

EQ2 Web Request uses a graphical interface to provide work requesters access to HEMS

Facilities Example
Facilities Example

Enterprise and uses call escalation to ensure that work orders are addressed in a timely fashion relative to each work order’s specific level of urgency.

  1. The requester (e.g. Hospital Administrator) navigates to the Work Request Page. (Engineers can also quickly close work orders and assign themselves work requests — with a couple of mouse clicks.)
  2. Once the requester logs on, EQ2 Web Request saves his/her name, telephone number, department and location, in case there is any follow-up needed.
  3. Upon entering the request, an email is automatically sent to both the HEMS Enterprise requester and work coordinator confirming acceptance of the work request.
  4. A work order is automatically generated electronically in HEMS Enterprise; the Technician assigned receives an email notification; the work order can also be printed to a specified internal printer.This work order is assigned to the right Technician based on the type of job, device, department, location, etc.
  5. EQ2 status tracker allows requesters to check the status of work requests at any time.
  6. When work is completed, the Technician enters the information using a PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. A notification email along with satisfaction survey is sent to the requester notifying him/her that the work has been completed.

Our web tools are designed to be used from any web enabled device so that there is complete transparency, and little waste of time. There is no need to phone for specifics or duplicate a request for the appropriate departmental system.

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