HEMS Next Generation Mobile App for Facilities

New for 2018!

The HEMS next generation mobile app has automated numerous backend application processes to make the user interface very easy to use and intuitive.

While there is a lot of information accessible on each screen, it is still concise – summarized with several areas and symbols clickable to drill down and uncover more data and information.

This means that HEMS users performing maintenance or repairs have everything they need in their mobile devices, regardless of which part of the hospital or which location within their hospital system they are in. The app can even be used in offline mode and it will sync up to the live database later once online again.

Each individual user can see at any time where they stand with work orders assigned, accepted, and completed through an interactive dashboard with a configurable view.

Automatic call escalation ensures that urgent requests are addressed as soon as possible per the hospital corporate policy. Once work orders are assigned/accepted, color-coding helps the user to instantly know which work orders are of the highest priority. Requesters get notifications of updates including completion.

Mobile device features of speech to text, barcode scanning, and photo-taking can be used to verbally add descriptions of work performed, access work orders for specific pieces of equipment, and to take photos of equipment to add to work orders. Parts can be ordered too…you get the idea – the HEMS mobile app has everything users need to make completing work easier, right at the point of service.

The app is available for iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows phones and tablets.