HEMS Plant Preloaded


HEMS® Plant Preloaded is a ready-to-use, Plant Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS); preloaded with all equipment and procedures needed to give you a quick start to meet all your regulatory and administrative needs. Just add start dates for your PM program and go.

The Advantages of HEMS Plant Preloaded:

  • Includes the factors needed to set up the program at your own pace; items you would prefer to have in the program but must be postponed because of lack of time can be deactivated and reactivated as time permits.
  • Can be started with as few items as you think your staff can complete comfortably in a computerized atmosphere and then gradually add to the program until it is fully operational.
  • Is set up with the Device Inclusion function loaded so the user can develop a Utility ManValve Diagramagement Program easily. This includes provisions for your life support and infection control items for which you must maintain the 100% PM completion rate. Our reports section easily generates accurate reports for this function.
  • Includes the procedures and control numbers for setting up you Environment of Care (EOC) inspection rounds. The only items required from the user to track and document these rounds is a location and start date for each control number.Firewalls
  • Includes provisions for setting up your Smoke / Fire Compartment (SFC) inspection program; a great addition to your fire protection plan. The only user required items are a set of drawings from your fire plan which can b
    e redesigned remotely by EQ2.
  • Includes provisions for an Environmental Zones (EZ) inspection program, for building and equipment condition reports to determine future work load. The only user requirements are the same as those in the
    SFC program.
  • Includes  barcode labels to help you set up your program to use handheld dHEMS Labelevices and become a paperless operation.


The greatest advantage to HEMS Plant Preloaded program is that it can be set up efficiently, in-house, at your own pace, with no need for contracted implementation services.

Naturally, EQ2 does have the capability and expertise to fully supply implementation services for both HEMS Plant Preloaded and its standard HEMS Enterprise program, if conditions exist that make it impossible for in-house implementation of the programs.


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