EQ2 and Rigel Medical Announce the Release of an Automated CMMS – RIGEL 288 Interface

Rigel 288 US SocketDecember 11, 2014

EQ2 and Rigel Medical Announce the Release of an Automated CMMS – RIGEL 288 Interface

EQ2 and Rigel today announced the release of the EQ2 Rigel SA Interface. This interface combines the excellent medical device testing automation the Rigel 288 is famous for with the unsurpassed clinical equipment management system features of EQ2’s HEMS Enterprise.

This EQ2 and Rigel development effort focused on ensuring that clinical equipment professionals worldwide are able to fully realize their investments in medical device test automation. The Rigel 288 delivers the automation of the medical device test process while HEMS Enterprise provides a direct link to the valuable medical device inventory, test library and performance history.

All of this valuable and regulatory required test information is automatically captured at the point of testing by the Rigel 288 and then communicated with a couple of clicks of the mouse to HEMS Enterprise. Both EQ2 and Rigel believe that automation, mobility and accurate information are the keys to being able to meet the demands placed on clinical equipment professionals. With the release of the EQ2 Rigel SA Interface, a technician accurately closes out hundreds of medical device safety records with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

“EQ2 and Rigel started down the path of integration because both companies believe in a healthcare future where interoperability will be the norm rather than the exception. With this first release, EQ2 and Rigel prove that complex interoperability can be accomplished through good system design to be stunningly simple for the customer to use. “ said Vishal Malhotra, EQ2 Director of Development.

Rigel Medical US has targeted the hospital market within the US as a key growth area. When they surveyed the regulatory and reporting requirements of the US they realized that interoperability was a key to their success. They looked for a partner with the development skills and a similar vision for healthcare’s future. This lead them to EQ2 and EQ2 is the first Rigel authorized provider of automated CMMS – Rigel interfaces.

“EQ2’s focus on simplifying the user interface experience while delivering accurate, complete and robust interoperability with the Rigel 288 was a key to Rigel’s interest in EQ2. EQ2 has delivered on their vision with the release of this simple, intuitive interface to our Rigel 288 – a perfect complement to our great safety analyzers.” said Jack Barrett, Rigel Medical National Business Development Manager.

Headquartered in Burlington, VT, EQ2 is one of the world’s leading suppliers of clinical equipment management systems to healthcare.

Headquartered in UK and US, Rigel Medical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of medical device test equipment.