EQ2 CTO Vishal Malhotra Provides In Depth Insight in the Technation CMMS Roundtable

EQ2’s visionary leader and CTO Vishal Malhotra provided Technation (MD Publishing) readers with lots of invaluable information to help them with CMMS purchase and implementation decisions.

He also talked about how a good CMMS integrates with, connects to, and communicates with the many other systems and smart devices that a modern hospital relies on.


Here’s a small excerpt from the story:

Malhotra: A CMMS should provide built-in intelligence for regulatory compliance, like the ability to classify AEM, auto identifying life support, critical – non life support and low-risk devices. It should also have the ability to document tester information along with the tester’s history. A CMMS application should have the capability for two way communication with automatic electrical safety analyzers, electronic recalls/alert integration, managing and tracking Service Level Agreement (SLA), stock management with semi-auto reordering ability, powerful multiple frequency PM scheduling with parts, configurable call escalation based on the hospital’s corporate policy and electronic library support. The support for smartphones and tablets is also critical.

Read more from the March 2016 digital edition of Technation: Empowering the Biomedical / CE Professional. Or you can read a PDF of the print version: CMMS Roundtable Technation Mar 2016.