Imagine being able to manage, track, and locate locks and keys (or access cards) within your facilities easily through an intuitive interface. FASTKEY is key management software that allows hospitals to track keys and assign to specific employees with assigned due dates. It also provides alerts when keys become overdue and sends email notifications throughout the entire process.

With FASTKEY it is easy to know who has access to specific areas, rooms, or even spaces within a room. High risk areas are easily managed providing visibility of those with access and a history of details of all who have had access.

FASTKEY is a SaaS solution, so all future product updates and enhancements automatically become available to all users. Single Sign On (SSO) including using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), enables FASTKEY to be used seamlessly alongside existing applications.


Sections within the key management software with detailed information on each item listed there:

  • Employees – for both direct employees and contractors
  • Facilities – all locations within an enterprise
  • Floors
  • Wings
  • Rooms – can be designated by different types
  • Spaces (within a room)
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Key Rings
  • Key
  • Employee vehicle information



Several details are stored on each key (or access card), such as:

• Past Due
• Lost
• Due Within Next 2 Days
• Code
• Risk Level
• Key Type
• Lock Code
• Lock Type
• Door #
• Room #
• Key Ring
• Facility
• Location Code
• Assigned To
• Is it for a Medicine Cabinet?
• History
• Action

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