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Who We Are

Continuous Innovation

In 1993 EQ2, LLC commercialized the Hospital Equipment Management System (“HEMS”) developed at the University of Vermont with support from ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering), and the Kellogg Foundation ten years prior and began a 30+ year trajectory of innovation that leads us to the latest generation of the CMMS known as “HEMS One”.

  • EQ2 is one of only a few CMMS vendors where both the company and the product are dedicated exclusively to healthcare

  • Our focus on healthcare assures that we meet the evolving needs of hospitals large and small

  • Built on its own platform, the user is not bound by the limitations of a separate third-party platform

  • Our clients include small specialty clinics, large hospitals as well as multi-hospital institutions. 

  • Over 30 years of best practice design and development, assures our customers achieve quality improvement and a quantifiable return on the investment they made in selecting and using the HEMS software.

  • With HEMS you have the opportunity to choose a proven hospital product on the leading edge of technology, developed and supported by experienced professionals.

Customer Testimonials

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