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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials were submitted by professionals, just like you, who were looking for the very best enterprise CMMS software solution. Read more about how we have helped them succeed, then contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Tobey Clark, Engineering Supervisor at the University of Vermont, Technical Services Partnership had this to say:

“It is rare when a first to market product such as HEMS was in 1983 continues to advance by staying ahead of the health technology management curve with features meeting the needs of our field. Out-of-the-box, disruptive innovation such as being the first CMMS to achieve IHE PCD interoperability to derive maintenance and utilization data is a hallmark of the company.

Software alone doesn’t define the value of a CMMS system. Key ingredients are implementation planning, ongoing support, and listening to the customer regarding ideas for improvement – EQ2 excels in all these areas.”

Dan Campbell, CBET and Supervisor, Biomed at Baxter Regional Medical Center:

“Our Biomed team at Baxter Regional Medical Center has been very pleased with the HEMS Essentials package. The product, data migration, and support has been exceptional. Our productivity has increased substantially since we began using the HEMS product just a few months ago.”

Michael Creighton | Clinical Engineering Supervisor, Kootenai Health:

“During our transition bringing the Clinical Engineering Department in-house we thought long and hard about the best choice of a CMMS vendor.

After reviewing several possibilities, it came down to the HEMS database provided by EQ2. The decision was sound. The application is dynamic and easily navigated. We could not have asked for a better support team.

This team worked consistently with us to bring as much history as possible over to the new database and they have always been easily reached to solve any problems and answer any questions that have occurred.
EQ2 is a great partner.”

Sean Pardo | Director, Health Technology Management, Maricopa Integrated Health System:

“Maricopa Integrated Health System has been using the EQ2’s HEMS CMMS for just over two years now and it is simply amazing. The fact that the system works with us to provide the tools and data to help streamline our processes is just the beginning. Whenever we come up with a new feature that we need, EQ2 can deliver.

For instance, when we asked for a live dashboard to display all of the latest incoming work orders for everyone to see, they delivered it within weeks. Now technicians can see what is needed as they come into the shop and leave the shop without logging into their own desktop.

Another great feature is the customizable work order alerts, where work orders are assigned to the technician instantly and they are notified via email or text message. This feature alone has reduced the amount of downtime on equipment and has increased our customer service and satisfaction.

All of this adds up to a very comprehensive system that is constantly reinventing itself as we find new and innovative ways to customize it. I would highly recommend this system to anyone that wants to improve their processes and increase customer satisfaction.”

Mike Carpio | Children’s Specialized Hospital, Mountainside, NJ:

“Our implementation of the Smoke Fire Compartment, the Environmental Zone and the Optimized PM programs has enhanced our ability to meet JCAHO and state regulatory requirements.”

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