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Financial Report

Dashboards and Reports

EQ2 HEMS Reports and Dashboards help hospitals stay in compliance, successfully manage an AEM program, and perform capital planning and other kinds of analyses. And to identify issues before they become emergencies.

KPI’s and Benchmarks
Once a hospital identifies the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are most important to it, they can be measured in units of time, quality, productivity, and cost. It can then either pick industry available benchmarks or set goal benchmarks for improvement. Once the benchmarks are established and the KPI’s can be quantified, continuous improvement measurement becomes the norm.

Also vendor management is made easier with response time, performance, and cost all easily at your fingertips.

Department Dashboard
Specific hospital areas such as surgery, nursing, ICU, etc. can get a summary of real-time statuses for the key performance items most important to them. This includes information for devices, availability, maintenance, capital planning, and budgeting….to name a few.

Custom Report Tool
Even though hundreds of reports are available “off the shelf” with HEMS, sometimes a unique situation requires a unique report. The Custom Report Tool allows the user to choose what type of data is needed so that they can build their own report.

Or if needed, EQ2 can create custom reports for the user.

Strengthen your seat at the table with leadership, armed with professional reports that emphasize your department’s value to the hospital.

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