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HEMS Mobile Apps

Both leadership and technicians need to be able to access data from their CMMS anytime – and
anywhere. And clinicians need easy ways to generate work requests.

HEMS can be accessed via laptop, or with native mobile apps on Apple (iOS) or Android Phones.

Run reports and view dashboards with all of the KPI’s and other details they want to view even when
they are not at their desk.


  • When in areas without connectivity, can work in offline mode with all work order information and sync back to the main system later once online again with updates from work completed.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use screen.

  • An interactive dashboard with a configurable view shows each user work orders assigned, accepted, and completed.

  • Color-coding helps the user to instantly know which work orders\are of the highest priority.

  • Parts can be ordered.

  • Typical smartphone features of speech to text, barcode scanning and photo-taking can all be used to make addressing work orders easier.​

  • While making rounds, the user can easily respond to any status questions that come up from clinicians regarding repairs by opening the existing work order.

HEMS mobile app on a phone
image of a HEMS Request on a phone

Clinicians, Nurses, or Any Other User in the Hospital


  • An easy to use way to submit work requests directly to the EQ2 HEMS platform using an app on their phone.

  • Barcode scanner on phone scans the control number of the affected item.

  • Photographs can be attached to the request.

  • Work request status updates and completions are automatically sent to the requester and department head.

  • On closing a work order a quality survey is sent via e-mail to requesters.

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