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24x7 Magazine CMMS Roundtable 2021

In the 24x7 Magazine CMMS Roundtable, Kim Stovall of EQ2 Looks Back on Trends that Emerged in CMMS for Healthcare During the Past Year While Looking Forward to New Innovations

Kim joined other experts in the field to discuss “how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the CMMS market and what buyers should know before purchasing CMMS technologies.”

Here’s a small excerpt from the digital version of the story:

Stovall: The CMMS needs to interface with other information systems within the organization, such as procurement, supply chain, cybersecurity, and service manual access, to name a few; and even if not right now, the flexibility to add these features in the future is important. Consequently, HTM leaders must outline their department goals and objectives and then evaluate CMMS products in accordance with them.

One of the other respondents was Matt Baretich, PE, PhD who, along with Ted Cohen, MS, FACCE, authored Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Healthcare Technology Management, 3rd Edition. Published by AAMI, this 2017 book includes examples from EQ2’s HEMS CMMS.

Read more from the digital version of the 24×7 Magazine CMMS Roundtable:


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