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ASHE 2023 Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions and Key and Lock Management Software for hospitals at the annual ASHE 2023 event in San Antonio, August 6 – 9.


Drop in on booth #111!


What to See at the EQ2 Booth at ASHE 2023…



  • The latest generation of HEMS One connects the functionality of several different applications to empower the user to complete work, analysis, and planning in less time.

  • Provides an enhanced user experience

  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed during implementation

  • Fast processing times

  • Dashboard view gives the user important metrics for both work orders and inventory along with hyper-links to drill-down on the data

  • Convenient quick links to hundreds of frequently used reports included plus EQ2 can provide custom reports plus you can create your own

  • More than one person or trade can update the same work order

  • Nested PMs allow for grouping together of all tasks that need to be completed on a given day while maintaining the schedule of all tasks for the asset going forward

  • Advanced search using just a few letters with auto-complete suggestions; search and replace with impact preview

  • Use HEMS either as a cloud (SaaS) version hosted on Microsoft Azure or as a perpetual license hosted on the hospital’s own servers



Using our Web Enterprise product provides powerful functionality on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. And our native mobile applications for iOS and Android of HEMS Remote and HEMS Request provides Leadership, Technicians, and even Clinicians with powerful tools for daily maintenance and making rounds.


Facilities Compliance

Stay in compliance through advanced tracking and reporting features addressing the respective Elements of Performance as set by the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies for the Environment of Care, Life Safety, Fire Protection, and Critical Utilities (both Life Support and Infection Control).

  • Real-time dashboards are continuously updated in the desktop, laptop, and mobile versions of all products time dashboards are continuously updated in the desktop, laptop, and mobile versions of all products

  • Manage environmental zones, smoke/fire compartments, fire alarms, utilities, ventilation, etc.


Expanded Applications for Facilities and Support Services
  • Access to AutoCAD® or other floorplan drawing files, allowing a user to locate an asset controlled by its facility or infrastructure engineering department

  • Project Management: Create projects and associated task work orders that are assigned to a worker or team of workers. Labor and parts costs can be tracked for each project

  • FastKey: Manage the access to your physical environment and should an incident occur quickly identify affected areas

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