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CMMS Roundtable With TechNation

Product Manager Rich Sable Sits Down at the CMMS Roundtable in the September issue of TechNation Magazine

Here is an excerpt with one of his comments:

“HEMS Enterprise devotes an entire section in the inventory module to documenting network information, which makes it easy to identify assets with reported symptoms of malicious activity from your network security team. Additionally, the CMMS allows HTM managers to define a network risk level for a model or set model specific network IT fields, and this is displayed on the equipment inventory dashboard or within the mobile products. By documenting and reporting this type of information, the HTM manager can partake in the organization’s cybersecurity program. HEMS Enterprise also supports integrations with IoT/IoMT vendors which will further enhance your cybersecurity program for medical devices, especially when interfacing with network-based cybersecurity “appliances” using the CMMS’s API.”

Follow the link below to read the entire story on the CMMS Roundtable with TechNation:


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