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EQ2 and Fluke Biomedical Announce a New Automated Integration for the “HEMS” CMMS with OneQA Workflow Automation Software Ahead of the 2024 AAMI Exchange

This Latest in a Long Line of Integrations Between the Two Companies’ Products Optimizes Workflow for HTM in Hospitals in Numerous Ways

Camarillo, CA and Charlotte, NC, June 11th, 2024 - EQ2 – a leader in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) for healthcare and Fluke Biomedical – a leader in medical device testing and software, announce their latest integration as part of a long-standing relationship that will optimize access to medical device test data by Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) professionals performing their daily duties. The integration will be on display through demonstrations at the EQ2 booth #737 during the 2024 AAMI Exchange event in Phoenix, AZ June 14 – 16.

Fluke Biomedical Ansur and medTester have integrated with EQ2’s “HEMS®” (Hospital Equipment Management System”) for many years. Now adding OneQA, an industry-leading biomedical equipment quality assurance platform, leads to many new benefits of workflow automation through the integration:


  1. Streamlined Workflow: Integration automates the flow of information between the CMMS and OneQA, reducing manual data entry and increasing operational efficiency.

  2. Standardized Test Procedures: Using OneQA, test procedures can be standardized, allowing for supporting documentation (pictures, notes, tips, tricks) to be embedded into procedures, standardizing work performed and knowledge. Administrator changes are automatically sent out to the entire team, ensuring all HTM members are following the correct workflow.

  3. Enhanced Accuracy: Eliminates human error from manual entry of test values from biomedical testing instruments, ensuring data across systems is consistent and reliable.

  4. Time Savings: Manual test documentation is eliminated from relying on tactics like Word, PDF, a written notebook, etc.), saving precious time.

  5. Real-Time Data Access: With immediate access to the latest data, it allows for quicker decision-making and improved workflow times.

  6. Increased Productivity: Automates routine tasks providing staff more time in their day to focus on more critical aspects of their job.

  7. Enhanced Compliance:  Provides a consolidated platform for managing all compliance-related activities, including test equipment calibration dates and electrical safety standards.

  8. Cost Savings: By automating workflows and eliminating manual data entry, labor costs and the potential for expensive errors or redundant work are reduced.

  9. Customizable Reports: Advanced reporting capabilities can be customized to meet the specific needs of each individual healthcare facility.

  10. Enhanced Security: Provides data security measures to protect sensitive healthcare information using AWS on the OneQA side and Microsoft Azure on the EQ2 HEMS side.


About EQ2

The EQ2 HEMS CMMS software was developed for and is sold exclusively to hospitals for managing their medical and facility assets. HEMS is available as a SaaS subscription service or for license installs on hospital-owned servers. EQ2 LLC has offices in Camarillo, CA and in Charlotte, NC. See, LinkedIn, or YouTube for more info.

EQ2 and its CMMS software HEMS One are dedicated entirely to the needs of healthcare. HEMS is a complete modern CMMS product for HTM/Biomed, Facilities, EVS, and IT departments and is the choice of some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations.

Over 30 years of innovation and a 100% US based support team means that hospitals can be assured they will be using one of the best CMMS products available. Schedule your live demo of HEMS One today.


About Fluke Biomedical


Fluke Biomedical is an industry-leading quality assurance organization that integrates with biomedical test tools and software systems to help organizations save time, improve data integrity, and increase safety. It streamlines equipment maintenance by storing and controlling procedures, automating testing on select Fluke Biomedical test tools, capturing and archiving results, generating reports, and, if desired, syncing results with the software of your choosing including Excel and several major CMMS applications.


Media Contact

David Lawless

805-388-5799 ext. 116


EQ2 HEMS-Fluke OneQA Announcement 6.11.24
Download PDF • 210KB


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