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EQ2 Company Showcase in Technation Magazine

As EQ2 reaches our 25th birthday in 2018, the company is the subject of a feature profile in Technation Magazine!

Some highlights of the EQ2 Company Showcase include (see full article link below):

  • Our company history

  • HEMS as a CMMS dedicated entirely to healthcare

  • How HEMS makes it much easier for HTM staff to make their AEM (Alternative Equipment Maintenance) program effective and compliant

  • How EQ2 connects to the HTM community with AAMI in many different types of collaborations

Excerpt from article:

EQ2 has a unique perspective on managing the maintenance of hospital assets in that its HEMS® software “was born in a hospital.” In fact the acronym HEMS itself speaks to those roots as it stands for “Hospital Equipment Management System.” It all started in 1983 when the University of Vermont, the American Society for … Continue reading

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