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MD Expo Fall 2023 Orlando

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions for hospitals at MD Expo Fall 2023 Orlando, October 30 – 31!



See the MD Expo Fall 2023 site for all event details and use code MDE23-EQ2 to gain free entrance to the event



Stop by booth #609 at MD Expo Fall 2023 to learn about all of the latest updates from the HEMS CMMS: “HEMS One”.

New Products….


HEMS One Streamlines Workflow

EQ2 and MD Expo Fall 2023
  • The latest generation of HEMS One connects the functionality of several different applications to empower the user to complete work, analysis, and planning in less time and with greater ease

  • Provides an enhanced user experience

  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed during implementation

  • Close a work order with as few as three clicks

  • Upload equipment easily with just a couple of clicks

  • Create or edit your own PM Procedures

  • Manage Equipment/Loaner Pool and Supply Processing & Distribution Equipment

  • Fast processing times

  • Dashboard view gives the user important metrics for both work orders and inventory along with hyper-links to drill-down on the data

  • Convenient quick links to frequently used reports, the full array of HEMS reports, and the ability to create your own reports

  • Advanced search

  • Search using just a few letters with auto-complete suggestions

  • Search and replace multiple data fields at once with impact preview

  • Requires no third party platform, yet integrates with numerous other applications

  • Reporting: hundreds of reports included plus EQ2 can provide custom reports plus you can create your own

  • Fully automatic Dispatch Board that can be configured to meet your hospital’s assignment policies for multi-level escalation based on response time, location, type of problem, shift hours, etc. Location can be as precise as room, floor, building, campus, city level, etc.

  • Quickly identify equipment with ePHI and the proper steps to protect

  • Fast access to contract information

  • Easy to use interface: straightforward menus and spell check for data entry

  • Assign work orders to all units of a specific model number in just two clicks

  • Enhanced tools for AEM, and all forms of compliance

  • Well organized implementations delivered on time

  • Fast system performance

  • Numerous integrations, including with the top cybersecurity applications

  • US based support

  • 30 years of innovation focused completely on healthcare


AutoDesk App: Access your AutoCAD® / Revit® drawing files within HEMS

  • This allows a tech to locate an asset controlled by its facility or infrastructure engineering department

  • Calculate square feet, inches, meters, etc. easily

  • Other drawing files types can be stored as well


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