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NCBA North Carolina Biomedical Association Symposium 2023

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions for hospitals at the NCBA North Carolina Biomedical Association Symposium 2023 in Pinehurst, NC!

The Symposium features educational sessions, networking, golf and an exposition over the days of August 14 – 17, 2023. EQ2 will be showcasing CMMS modules and dashboards for biomedical technicians and hospital leadership during the expo on August 15 and August 16.

Learn more about the event at the NCBA North Carolina Biomedical Association Symposium 2023 website.

While there, EQ2 will be discussing our latest innovations for the HEMS CMMS for HTM/Biomedical/Clinical Engineering and other areas throughout the hospital.


HEMS One Streamlines Workflow

  • The latest generation of HEMS One connects the functionality of several different applications to empower the user to complete work, analysis, and planning in less time and with greater ease

  • Provides an enhanced user experience

  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed during implementation

  • Close a work order with as few as three clicks

  • Upload equipment easily with just a couple of clicks

  • Create or edit your own PM Procedures

  • Manage Equipment/Loaner Pool and Supply Processing & Distribution Equipment

  • Fast processing times

  • Dashboard view gives the user important metrics for both work orders and inventory along with hyper-links to drill-down on the data

  • Convenient quick links to frequently used reports, the full array of HEMS reports, and the ability to create your own reports

  • Advanced search

  • Search using just a few letters with auto-complete suggestions

  • Search and replace multiple data fields at once with impact preview

  • Requires no third party platform, yet integrates with numerous other applications

  • Reporting: hundreds of reports included plus EQ2 can provide custom reports plus you can create your own

  • Fully automatic Dispatch Board that can be configured to meet your hospital’s assignment policies for multi-level escalation based on response time, location, type of problem, shift hours, etc. Location can be as precise as room, floor, building, campus, city level, etc.

  • Quickly identify equipment with ePHI and the proper steps to protect

  • Fast access to contract information

  • Easy to use interface: straightforward menus and spell check for data entry

  • Assign work orders to all units of a specific model number in just two clicks

  • Enhanced tools for AEM, and all forms of compliance

  • Well organized implementations delivered on time

  • Fast system performance

  • Numerous integrations, including with the top cybersecurity applications

  • US based support

  • 30 years of innovation focused completely on healthcare



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