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New CMMS Products and New Features for Biomed in Discussion with DOTmed Healthcare Business News

“EQ2 showcases advancements and new products at AAMI Exchange” is a look at the latest offerings for the EQ2 HEMS CMMS

Here is a small excerpt from the story about the HEMS Remote mobile app:

“A lot of these guys are held accountable for how many hours they document a day,” Rich Sable, product manager at EQ2, told HCB News. “This [the HEMS Remote mobile app] lets them know where they stand for the week. It’s only going to account between zero and 40, and then it’s going to reset. If they see at the end of the day they don’t have their eight hours accounted for, that may indicate that they forgot to close a work order. It’s keeping them on top of their job.”

Rich went on to discuss four products with John R. Fischer of DOTmed Healthcare Business News at AAMI 2019. These include our latest CMMS products for Biomed, Facilities, and Supply Chain: the HEMS Remote mobile app, Performance and Benchmarking Analyzer, Total Asset Management, and FASTKEY.


Read more from the digital version of the story at the DOTmed Healthcare Business News site.


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