In 2018 EQ2 celebrates 25 years of dedication entirely to healthcare!


Our powerful CMMS is known as the Hospital Equipment Management System, or “HEMS”. With our commitment to healthcare comes expertise and innovation tied directly to the unique requirements of the hospital environment. 


Our latest release of Version 7 of the robust HEMS addresses emerging needs, especially for HTM/Biomedical/Clinical Engineering, Facilities/Support Services, and Imaging.Version 7 is part of our next generation of cutting edge technology known as “HEMS II”.

HEMS II is always evolving to meet ever-changing management and maintenance challenges such as AEM and other timely compliance needs. Dashboards and countless report options provide the performance metrics most important to hospitals.


Don’t miss us at our upcoming fall events! We are celebrating our 25 year anniversary all year, while introducing new feature-rich products including a next generation mobile app , new interfaces, and new department-specific dashboards




Our events page is being continually updated: check back often for new listings.

If you can’t make it to an event but want to learn more about HEMS II, you can just contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you about it today.




While EQ2 started 25 years ago, HEMS was already a seasoned CMMS by that time. It originally was developed at the university setting  to effectively manage maintenance activities for the Facilities side of the hospital.

The graphic shows how HEMS has grown into so many different areas of Support Services beyond its original Facilities focus.

HTM/Biomedical/Clinical Engineering soon followed. And in recent years hospitals have been looking to HEMS to manage Imaging, IT and other areas as well – basically anywhere that you have work activity to manage and associated metrics to analyze.

EQ2 and Related News

Glassbeam and EQ2 Announce Partnership

EQ2 HEMS Product to Benefit from Machine Data to Enhance Reporting on Machine/Device Uptime and Utilization Metrics.

EQ2 Company Profile in 24×7 Magazine

As EQ2 continues to celebrate “25 Years Dedicated Entirely to Healthcare”, our company visited with 24×7 Magazine to discuss where we’ve been and where we’re going.

24×7 Magazine Roundtable on CMMS with EQ2 CTO

The October issue of 24×7 Magazine includes  a roundtable discussion on CMMS software considerations for hospitals. EQ2 Chief Technology Officer Vishal Malhotra joined other experts to look at several emerging trends.

EQ2 and oneSOURCE Team Up with New Interface to Support Regulatory Compliance and Optimal Maintenance Management

Now, through this interface, HTMs using EQ2’s CMMS service can maintain a more thorough and comprehensive biomedical asset lifecycle management program, with access to manufacturers manuals, IFUs, PM documents, End of Life letters, AEM information and related material.

EQ2 Part of Story on CMMS for Healthcare Facilities in Health Facilities Management Magazine

EQ2 Product Manager Rich Sable was quoted on multiple topics in a comprehensive story on CMMS for Healthcare Facilities that appeared in the July issue of Health Facilities Management magazine.

EQ2 Silver Anniversary Chat with TechNation on Facebook Live at AAMI 2018

EQ2 Product Manager Rich Sable talked with TechNation Magazine live at the AAMI 2018 annual event, discussing the EQ2 silver anniversary, specifics of CMMS for healthcare, new product announcements, and the difference of using HEMS for large and small hospitals.

Get the Most Out of Your CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Healthcare Technology Management, 3rd Edition authored by two experts on Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) – Ted Cohen, MS, FACCE, and Matt Baretich, PE, PhD – discusses critical topics such as proper CMMS setup, generating meaningful data, and ways to perform better equipment maintenance.

Available through the AAMI online storethis book includes examples from EQ2’s HEMS CMMS.

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MD Expo Fall 2018 Seattle

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions for hospitals at MD Expo Fall 2018 Seattle as we celebrate “25 Years Dedicated Entirely to Healthcare!”
The trade show portion of the event runs October 6 – 7, 2018. EQ2 will be showcasing HEMS CMMS modules and dashboards for Biomedical and Clinical Engineering.
Technicians, managers, and hospital leadership are invited to visit us at Booth #209.

Florida Biomedical Society Symposium 2018

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions for hospitals at the Florida Biomedical Society Symposium 2018.
The vendor expo portion of the event runs December 7 – 8, 2018. EQ2 will be showcasing HEMS CMMS modules and dashboards for Biomedical and Clinical Engineering.
Technicians, managers, and hospital leadership are invited to visit us at the booth.


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