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CMMS Story In Health Facilities Management Magazine

EQ2 and Other CMMS Vendors Discuss the Latest Trends for Healthcare Facilities in “CMMS Software Makers Stress Smart Connectivity”

screenshot of a Health Facilities magazine article

Here is a small excerpt from the story in HFM Magazine (an ASHE publication):

EQ2 LLC, Charlotte, N.C., recently released HEMS One, a web-based application that works on Windows, Android and Apple iOS devices. HEMS One also has apps designed for mobile devices that work when not connected to the network, and then sync to the main system when connected again, according to Rich Sable, product manager. “The user can customize their view of output data and the fields for querying work orders and assets,” Sable says. “Fields recently added to HEMS One include campus, building and maintenance specialty.”


Follow the link below to read the entire CMMS Story In Health Facilities Management Magazine:


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