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“How to Prepare for a Hospital Survey” in 24×7 Magazine

illustration of a survey preparation

Survey Preparation Best Practices with EQ2 Product Manager

Rich Sable was recently interviewed by 24×7 Magazine for a story on the best ways for a hospital to prepare for surveys.

“Healthcare technology management (HTM) teams should prepare before surveyors like Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Joint Commission, and DNV visit their hospital. It’s a topic Rich Sable, CBET, product manager at computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provider EQ2, LLC, recently covered in a session at AAMI 2023 alongside the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, as well as in a whitepaper.

“In this 24×7 exclusive, Sable shares tried-and-true strategies for survey preparedness and how to use CMMS technologies to manage regulations and improve survey outcomes.”


24×7 Story:




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