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ASHE 2022 Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition

EQ2 will be exhibiting CMMS solutions and Key and Lock Management Software for hospitals at the annual ASHE 2022 event in Boston July 17 – 20. 

Book a Meeting with EQ2

Either drop in on booth #1216 or schedule a specific time to meet with us!


What to See at the EQ2 Booth at ASHE 2022…

AutoDesk App: Access your AutoCAD® drawing files within HEMS
  • This allows a tech to locate an asset controlled by its facility or infrastructure engineering department.


The New “HEMS Web”:
  • Provides an enhanced user experience

  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed at implementation time

  • Dashboard view gives the user important metrics for both work orders and inventory along with hyper-links to drill-down on the data

  • Convenient quick links to frequently used reports and the full array of HEMS Enterprise reports

  • Advanced search along with filters allow for ease of finding item records


Project Management 
  • An optional add-on to HEMS Web, this has many features often requested by clients.

  • The manager can create the project and associated task work orders within the module and assign each task work order to a worker or team of workers, and the work order(s) will appear on their work order dashboard.

  • Labor and parts costs can be tracked for each project.


The New “HEMS Request Mobile App”

A new mobile app (iOS or Android) enables users to submit work requests throughout the hospital. Nurses and others will find this to be very easy to use:

  • Clinicians, nurses, or any other user in the hospital can submit work requests directly to the EQ2 HEMS Enterprise platform using this app on their phone

  • Barcode scanner on phone scans the control number of the affected item

  • Photographs can be attached to the request

  • Work request status updates and completions are automatically sent to the requester and department head

  • On closing a work order a quality survey is sent via e-mail to requesters


EQ2’s new FASTKEY™ software makes managing, tracking, and locating locks, keys, and access cards easy.

FASTKEY is our key and lock management software that makes it easy to know who has access to specific areas, rooms, or even spaces within a room. It also provides visibility into who has access to high risk areas, along with a historical record of access by user.


COMPLIANCE: Is Your Facility Prepared for the Latest Regulatory Compliance Requirements?

EQ2’s HEMS® CMMS helps hospitals stay in compliance through advanced tracking and reporting features that  address the Environment of Care, Fire Protection, and Critical Utilities (both Life Support and Infection Control) and their respective Elements of Performance as set by the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies. With HEMS, Facilities Management can:

  • Document and demonstrate compliance through automation, making processes and reporting easier and more effective

  • Track in real-time the status for specific Elements of Performance

  • Manage Equipment Lifecycle


HEMS is also used for:


FACILITY STRUCTURE: all up to-date drawings and plans available for change reviews and project planning

PLANT AND EQUIPMENT: descriptive capital equipment records kept current for updates, maintenance, failure and repair history, open work orders and replacement planning metrics

EOC ROUNDS: plan, schedule and record for all environment of care activities


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: manage your projects, resources, timelines, and estimated hours vs. actual hours

CALL ESCALATION: powerful escalation engine that can be configured per your policies; for example to automatically escalate incomplete or overdue work orders and open requests for service

SECURITY: manage visitor and contract worker visits to track who, when, how long and where

MOVE MANAGEMENT: schedule, track, and keep records of transport activities for patients and specimens

FOOD SERVICE: receive, prepare, schedule and track patient food service requests

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: track inventory, schedule deliveries, and maintain database of usage for linens and towels


Wherever you have work activity to manage, metrics to collect for customer service, workload and personnel management

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