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STANLEY RTLS Integration

EQ2 and STANLEY Healthcare Team Up with a New Integration, Improving Asset Management in Healthcare

Camarillo, CA and Charlotte, NC, July 21, 2021 – EQ2, LLC – a leader in healthcare asset management software (CMMS) – has announced a new integration with STANLEY Healthcare’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform to support a wide range of use cases impacting care delivery throughout the enterprise.

This integration enables asset information in EQ2’s HEMS® (Hospital Equipment Management System) CMMS to be updated in STANLEY Healthcare’s MobileView software, while real-time location information for individual assets is sent to HEMS.

With this integration, hospitals can more effectively manage assets; benefits include:

  • The location of medical devices and equipment can be seen through the asset record or work order in HEMS – when maintenance is needed the asset can be quickly found, corrected, and returned to service.

  • Whenever assets are added or updated, the details are updated in HEMS, which automatically updates MobileView.

  • When an asset or group of assets are recalled, all items can be found and appropriate action taken.

  • Taking inventory counts is simplified, helping to reduce shrinkage and improving accounting accuracy.

Combining asset and location information provides hospitals with information to perform timely maintenance, reduce “lost equipment”, and improve uptime – all of which helps to improve asset ROI.

About EQ2

The EQ2 HEMS CMMS software was developed for and is sold exclusively to hospitals for managing their medical and facility assets. HEMS is available as a SaaS subscription service or for license installs on hospital-owned servers. EQ2 LLC has offices in Camarillo, CA and in Charlotte, NC. See, LinkedIn, or YouTube for more info.

About STANLEY Healthcare

STANLEY Healthcare empowers caregivers to deliver connected, productive and safe care. Our innovative portfolio encompasses Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Fall Management, Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring, Infant and Patient protection, Inventory Management, Patient Flow, Staff Workflow and more. By freeing caregivers to focus on care and generating insight into the flow of people and equipment, we help caregivers and hospitals to work better. Our deep industry knowledge and unrivalled support have made us a trusted partner for thousands of healthcare providers nationwide. STANLEY Healthcare is proud to be part of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Connect with as at or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Media Contact David Lawless 805-388-5799 ext. 116

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